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A breakthrough in breast healthcare for the detection of early signs of breast disease

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Introducing Celbrea®

Celbrea® was developed to support the early detection of breast disease, including breast cancer. Our mission is to help every woman, around the world, monitor the health of their breasts.

Celbrea® is an FDA-cleared Class I medical device that is painless, easy-to-use and in just 15 minutes may alert physicians and patients of a potential underlying breast pathology.

Celbrea® does not replace a mammogram and we encourage you to keep up with your scheduled appointments.


Single Use
Disposable Pads




15 Minute Test


Immediate Results

Every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Every 13 minutes a woman dies IN THE USA.

Early detection and a healthy lifestyle are key to improving health outcomes and preventing this disease.

Elevated temperature as a thermal biomarker


In the early stage of a cancer’s growth, tumors are dependent upon the surrounding vascularity. As cancer cells begin to divide more quickly, new blood vessel formation is required (angiogenesis). Increase in temperature at the site of the lesion is transmitted to the surrounding tissue.

Celbrea® has 1188 nano-sensors embedded within a biocompatible multilayer pad that accurately measure temperature differences on the surface of the breast, using liquid crystal thermographic technology.



The temperature difference between mirror segments of the breasts is then compared

Clinical studies have shown that a significant temperature difference of 2 °F or more could be an indication of a potential underlying pathology. Our device visually displays color changes from blue to red in response to the thermal activity of your breasts, allowing for immediate results.



Heat sensors | 1188 units


Angiogenesis | Science


No Radiation


No Infrared


No Imaging

Understanding Breast Cancer detection in a Whole New Way

Celbrea® is a disposable and affordable device that empowers women of all ages to stay on top of monitoring their breast health. Women that can greatly benefit from the use of Celbrea® include:

  • Women under 40 without a recommendation to start screening, but who are concerned about the health of their breasts.


  • Women with dense breasts who often need more comprehensive screenings and may be subject to a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Or women with inconclusive imaging results that require additional testing and more frequent follow-ups
  • Women in need of more frequent or additional testing, including women with family history, genetic mutation (BRCA1, BRCA2), ethnicity and other risk factors for breast disease.
  • Women with gaps in access to care since the Celbrea® device is affordable and scalable, it can be especially useful for women with difficulties accessing mammography and other established standards of care.

Quick. Painless. At Point of Care. Realtime results.



Remove the protective layer



Place the pad firmly onto the skin



Keep the pads on the
breasts for 15 minutes



Proceed to recording

Celbrea® is a thermal activity indicator to be used by physicians as an adjunct to routine physical examination, including palpation, mammography and other established procedures for the detection of breast diseases.

Celbrea® does not replace a mammogram; it is intended to be used adjunct to, but not in place of, mammography or any other established screening procedures.


By measuring significant temperature differences between the breasts, Celbrea® can provide physicians and patients with valuable additional information in the process of detecting breast disease.

Celbrea® is an FDA cleared Class I medical device available by prescription only and your doctor should interpret the results.

If you have questions regarding Celbrea® ask your doctor or contact Welwaze Medical via our contact form.

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