A team with a passion for empowering women

Promoting women’s breast health through technology

We believe that breast healthcare should be widely accessible and affordable

Which is why we have developed a device for the early detection of breast disease, including breast cancer. 

Celbrea® aims to deliver a safe, effective, non-invasive, and easy-to-use technology to support routine physical breast examination. Our device strives to broaden access to breast care worldwide by empowering women to monitor their breast health.

We’re providing a new approach to breast healthcare, potentially saving millions of lives globally.

Who we are

Celbrea® was developed by Welwaze Medical, a purpose-driven medtech company founded to help women with their breast health.

The Welwaze Medical team is composed of world-class physicians, business leaders, and industry experts.

We strive to deliver innovative, viable, and scalable medical technologies. And are relentless in working to bring our life-changing Celbrea® product to the world.

We’re on a mission to transform women’s breast health

The story of Celbrea®

After watching many friends and family members suffer from breast disease, Celbrea® founder Alex Ness decided to find a solution. 

He put all of his energy and resources into the science and technology behind early detection solutions and devices.

With the help of an incredible team and highly proficient professionals in the industry, Celbrea® was born.

“We understood that we had a tremendous opportunity to help many women, regardless of their socioeconomic status, with our solution for early breast disease detection. The universe has given us a chance to contribute to the world. Since that day, there has been no looking back.”

– Alex J. Ness

Find us here

2800 NW 105th Ave. Miami,

FL 33172 USA

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