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Knowledge is the key to your breast health journey

You now have access to a breakthrough in breast health monitoring technology. If this is your first time here, we are so pleased to welcome you to Celbrea®. Venture with us, we are empowering women of all ages to stay on top of monitoring their breast health.

Live by choice not by chance


Celbrea® - your companion on thejourney of breast health awareness

Provides women with early warning detection

Immediate Results

No infrared, radiation or imaging

Affordable, easy to use, single-use disposable pads

Non-invasive & painless

A solution that addresses key challenges

Women are reminded to go for their routine mammograms

Creating access to breast health monitoring technology

A solution to support women on their breast health journey


Two Minutes

A woman is diagnosed with breast disease in the US.

Early detection and a healthy lifestyle are vital to improving health outcomes and preventing breast disease.

With Celbrea®, more women can take part in active monitoring of their breast health.

Quick. Painless. Realtime results.

How Celbrea® works

Celbrea® is a breast thermal activity indicator, able to detect elevated temperature as a thermal biomarker for possible early breast disease detection.

Simple, easy & quick to use.

Step 1

Remove the protective layer

Step 2

Place the pad firmly onto your skin

Step 3

Keep Celbrea® pads in place for 15 minutes

Step 4

Record your results on the Celbrea® App

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