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1. Are there any specific demographics where Celbrea® may be recommended?

A physician will be in the best position to determine the screening pathway after evaluating the patient’s individual profile. Some segments of the population that will benefit the most include:
Women with dense breasts who often need more comprehensive screenings and are subjected to a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
Women at high risk include women with family history, genetic mutation (BRCA1, BRCA2), race and other risk factors for breast disease.
Women under 40 without a mandatory indication to start screening, but who are concerned or anxious about the health of their breasts.

2. Does Celbrea® replace a mammogram?

No, Celbrea® is intended to be used adjunct to, but not in place of mammography or any other established screenings procedures. Therefore, it does not replace a mammogram, but can provide valuable additional information in the detection process of breast disease.

3. How often should a patient use Celbrea®?

Physicians can use their best clinical judgment to determine the frequency of use. While using Celbrea® test, patients are not exposed to any source or kind of energy (electricity, ionizing radiation, etc.) which means repeated tests are safe.

4. Does this device require a prescription?

Yes, a licensed physician or nurse practitioner must write a prescription for the Celbrea® test.

5. Are there any contraindications?

Celbrea® uses biocompatible patient contact materials and no allergic reactions are expected (none reported in clinical trials).

6. What is the risk of exposure to the chemicals in Celbrea?

The risk of skin exposure to the chemicals in the Celbrea pads is extremely rare since the volume of chemical in each Celbrea dimple is very low, in the order of nanoliters. Moreover, each pad is laminated with a protective, sturdy, lidding material to avoid direct contact of the chemicals with the breast skin. However, if for any reason the skin comes into direct contact with the chemicals immediately wash the area thoroughly with plenty of soap and water, in accordance with GHS precautionary statements*, place the product back in its original packaging (pouch) and discard it in regular waste.

7. Does Celbrea® work on dense breast?

The presence of a tumor is always accompanied by an increase in the temperature of the surface of the breast, regardless of the breast tissue constitution. Celbrea®  is a quick, easy to use functional test that can accurately detect temperature differences on the surface of the breast skin.

8. How much is Celbrea®?

Celbrea® is available at no cost if your insurance company, provider (doctor) or employer is partnered with Celbrea and you are eligible to use Celbrea® as a benefit. If that is not the case, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket at participating provider.

9. Who do I reach for additional questions?

Our customer service team will answer any questions you might have. Please email us at info@welwaze.com

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