Introducing a new adjunctive test to support breast disease detection

The science behind malignant tumor growth


Providing Reliable Results

Offering a simple, time-saving solution to support breastcare by providing reliable test results as an adjunct to routine physical examination including palpation, mammography and other established procedures.

Supporting clinical decisions

Providing physicians with additional clinical information, aiding their decision-making process by utilizing a different and complementary testing modality to assess breast health.

Elevating quality of care

Enhancing physician-patient interactions with informed conversations at point of care leading to improvements in the quality of care.

Celbrea is a game changer because it allows physicians to evaluate patients’ breast health with a painless office procedure and give results and reassurance on the spot. Celbrea helps us offer the most cutting-edge technology in office. I am excited to be involved in bringing this modern approach to breast care to my patients!”

Susan Lacy, MD FACOG


A complementary testing modality to assess breast health

Celbrea® is a new complementary adjunctive test to current breast screening and diagnostic modalities when used as indicated.

It is a functional test that detects temperature differences, which can be used as a thermal biomarker to help detect anomalies.

Healthy humans maintain a uniform body temperature due to homeostasis. Considering that bilateral breast cancers occur in only 1% to 2.6% of patients, significant temperature differences between breasts becomes a thermal biomarker for breast pathology.

Clinical studies have shown that a temperature difference of 2 °F or more is an indication of potential underlying pathology.

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Clinical Summary

The clinical data showed that Celbrea® is safe, effective, and reliable.

Given that Celbrea® provides a complementary modality to CBE, mammography and other established procedures, it serves as a valuable additional information in the process of breast disease detection.

  • Helps improve breast disease detection when used adjunctively.
  • Given its high NPV, Celbrea® can support physicians with a more comprehensive clinical decision on next steps.
  • Consistent sensitivity level across tumor size.
  • Proven effectiveness across all age groups.

Women who will benefit the most from this technology 

Dense Breasts

  • Helps improve breast disease detection when used adjunctively.
  • Celbrea®, a quick, easy to use functional test can accurately detect temperature differences on the surface of the breast skin.

Women with inconclusive imaging results

  • Celbrea® provides a new, complementary, radiation-free testing modality that offers valuable functional information to improve breast disease detection.
  • Celbrea® is available at the Point of Care, provides real-time results, is affordable, can help alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty, or failure to follow-up.

Younger women (Less than 40 years)

  • At moderate risk
  • Celbrea® is a useful, effective, reliable and safe tool that young women will more readily embrace to avoid radiation exposure regardless of initial risk, age and other factors.
  • Given its high NPV, Celbrea® can support physicians with a more comprehensive clinical decision on next steps.

Younger women (Less than 40 years)

  • At average risk
  • CBE is the most widely used breast health test performed in the annual check-up for women below 40 years with an average risk of BC Physicians know of the poor effectiveness of CBE.
  • Celbrea® accurately measures these temperature differences across all age groups, helping to improve breast disease detection of smaller tumors when used adjunctively to CBE.

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