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Understanding breast disease screening in a whole new way

Celbrea® is a disposable and affordable thermal screening device that empowers women of all ages to stay on top of monitoring their breast health.

Our device aims to add to doctors’ existing standard evaluation protocols with a quick, painless examination. Celbrea® does not replace a mammogram but simply provides an additional way to screen for breast disease, including breast cancer.

How it works

Celbrea® is a portable, noninvasive thermal screening device consisting of two disposable pads with photochromic sensors. The pads are self-applied to each breast for 15 minutes.

1188 nano-sensors are embedded within a biocompatible multilayer pad, accurately measuring any temperature differences on the surface of the breast using liquid crystal thermographic technology.

  • A significant temperature difference of 2 °F or more could be an indication of potential underlying pathology.
  • Our device visually displays color changes from blue to red in response to the thermal activity of your breasts, allowing for immediate results.
  • The next step for evaluation usually involves mammography or another imaging test.

Early detection of breast disease saves lives

Early detection remains the cornerstone of breast disease control and can improve survival, lower morbidity, and reduce the cost of care.

The Celbrea® Thermal Mapping Device works by reporting average temperature differences between breasts, indicating potential underlying pathology such as breast cancer.

Celbrea® is a thermal screening device used by physicians to support routine physical breast examination.

  • Celbrea® provides physicians and patients with valuable additional information in the process of breast disease screening, including breast cancer screening
  • Celbrea® is for women of all ages globally. The test has no age limit and can be done in younger patients who are not candidates for mammography. It is also beneficial for women with dense breasts and women with inconclusive imaging results
  • Celbrea® is an FDA cleared Class I medical device available by prescription only, and your doctor should interpret the results

Quick. Painless. Affordable. Real-time results.

Step 1

Remove the protective layer

Step 2

Your doctor will place the pad firmly onto the skin

Step 3

Keep the pads in place for 15 minutes

Step 4

Your doctor records the results

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